Flexible at cold temperatures, PVC flat cables


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Flexible at cold temperatures, PVC flat cables

ÖLFLEX® LIFT F - Flat PVC control cable for conveyour technology/lift applications, U0/U: 300/500V, H07VVH6-F / H05VVH6-F based

  • For cable trolley application
  • Space-saving installation
  • Also suitable for power chains and
    lift applications


  • Flat cables need less space than round cables
  • Smaller bending radii is possible

Application range

  • For hoisting equipment and conveyor systems
  • Indoor cranes and high-rack facilities
  • As supply line for moving machine parts
  • According to VDE definition, this can also be used as a lift control cable with up to 35 m suspension length, and a maximum speed of travel at 1.6 m/s
  • The application profiles for ÖLFLEX® CRANE and ÖLFLEX® LIFT cables can be found in the appendix, selection table A3

Product features

  • Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2

Norm references / Approvals

  • Based on EN 50214/ VDE 0283-2

Product Make-up

  • Conductor made of bare copper wires
  • Core insulation: Based on PVC
  • Outer sheath: Based on PVC