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A third generation of success

LAPP - A German family business that continues to grow

Germany has over three million family-owned businesses. In 2017, LAPP generated over one billion euros of turnover. This makes it one of the 250 most successful companies in the country[HK|S1] , according to a ranking of the “Top Family Businesses in Germany” in 2018 by business portal DDW.

From the
very start, the company founders Oskar and Ursula Ida Lapp had a clear vision
of the company’s orientation. It has never just been about developing and
producing innovative products. Family values have always been important too.
Values that promote cooperation and enable relationships with employees,
suppliers and customers based on partnership and trust. This sense of
appreciation is firmly anchored in the business culture – and is a cornerstone
of company policy. As a completely family run company, we know: Everything that
we have achieved since our founding in 1957 is based on the daily
commitment of our skilled staff and partnerships with our customers based on
trust. Each of them has made a decisive contribution to our mutual success.

 Today, LAPP is one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of cables, leads, cable accessories and systems of the highest
level of quality. We have approximately 3,770 employees worldwide. With 17
production facilities on four continents, more than 39 sales
companies and hundreds of dedicated consulting experts, we are always close by.
And not just physically: customer proximity cannot be measured in mere
kilometers. It is based on listening, making your challenges our own and
developing solutions that help to further your business model.

  • For more
    than 35 years, Siegbert and Andreas Lapp have jointly managed the LAPP Group –
    now they are retiring from the operational business: With the start of the new
    fiscal year on October 1, 2022, they are handing over responsibility to the
    third generation Matthias and Katharina Lapp.