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Over the past two decades, LAPP has been actively supplying regional companies through its extensive partner network. As part of its strategic vision, LAPP management made the significant decision to establish a regional headquarters in Dubai in January 2006. This initiative was aimed at enhancing product availability to effectively cater to customer requirements. This step served as a natural progression for the company, facilitating its expansion into the Middle East market.The company's analysis highlighted a robust demand for our cabling solutions, a trend attributed to the ongoing surge in the industrial and construction sectors within the region.

Presently, LAPP Middle East effectively caters to a diverse array of market segments, spanning automation, DCP water treatment plants, steel and aluminum industries, F&B (food and beverage), as well as critical infrastructure ventures such as airports, underground stations, metros, sport stadiums, and mosques.

Our efforts are also directed towards developing a comprehensive one-stop-shop service model, where exceptional products are seamlessly integrated into project packages. LAPP Middle East serves as the central link connecting the LAPP Group with the GCC countries, including Egypt, Pakistan, the LEVANT region, and Iraq.

This strategic approach underscores our commitment to serving the dynamic and evolving needs of our clientele across a wide spectrum of industries.