5555925004 LAPP MOBILITY Mobility Dock EV Charger, Type UK,

Mobility Dock EV Charger

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The MOBILITY DOCK with the Type G mains plug is a small, handy charger for use in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, etc., which, in combination with any Type 2 charging cable, allows electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to be charged at a standard household socket on site. Thanks to the type 2 socket integrated in the housing, the MOBILITY DOCK is compatible with the European charging cable standard.

The MOBILITY DOCK - UK fully fulfils the function of a mobile charging station, but requires significantly less space in the trunk and can be stowed in the load floor or in the side pockets of the vehicle to save space.

Communication from the MOBILITY DOCK -UK to the vehicle takes place via a control device integrated into the charger, which sets the charging current up to a maximum of 10A and also monitors the charging process. Thus, a charging power of up to a maximum of 2.3 kW is achieved, the setting is automatic. The device monitors the temperature of the device as well as the temperature at the household socket. If an elevated temperature is detected at the mains plug, the charger automatically regulates the charging power to prevent overheating. As a further protection function for the user, earth conductor monitoring and the detection of DC and AC faults are included in the charger. Such DC and AC faults are detected and protected up to 6mA DC and 30mA AC. The MOBILITY DOCK -UK is CE-compliant and has been developed and tested in accordance with the IEC62752 device standard.

To start the charging process, the Type 2 charging cable is plugged into the Type 2 socket of the MOBILITY DOCK. Then plug the MOBILITY DOCK into the household socket with the charging cable plugged in, and off you go. An LED indicates the status of the device. At the same time, all components are absolutely stable and firmly anchored. For example, a support is integrated on the side of the device for support on the building wall, which is unlocked by pressing a push button. This is used to fine-tune the column on the building wall. The plugged-in Mode 3 charging cable is locked to the case via a mechanism and can be unlocked using the release lever located on the back. This allows the Mode 3 charging cable to be pulled out of the charger with little effort. The housing of the MOBILITY DOCK is protected against water jets (IP44) and is designed for falls from any position from a height of 1m. With its weight of approx. 750g and a size of 255x135x105 mm, the MOBILITY DOCK is optimised in terms of installation space and weight.

The MOBILITY DOCK has already won four important awards. In May 2022, it was awarded the coveted German Innovation Award in Gold and the Sustainability Award in Automation. In autumn 2021, the innovative charger received the German Design Award in the category Excellent Product Design and the eMove360°Award 2021 for electromobility and autonomous driving.