UL-AWM certified Silicone single core cable with extended temperature range

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UL-AWM certified Silicone single core cable with extended temperature range

ÖLFLEX® HEAT 180 SiF A - fine wire silicone single core for use in machines, plant construction and toolbuilding for temperatures up to +180°C, UL AWM 3644

  • A for Advanced
    here: certification for USA and Canada
  • UL AWM Style 3644 (150°C/1000 V)
  • CPR: Article number choice under www.lappkabel.com/cpr


  • Certified for the USA and Canada for export-oriented machine, appliance and apparatus manufacturers
  • Possesses insulating properties after combustion due to remaining SiO2 ash on the conductor

Application range

  • Areas with high ambient temperatures where conventional core insulation materials will embrittle after a short while
  • Typical fields of application
    - Control cabinet manufacturing
    - Appliances and apparatus engineering
    - Electric motor industry
    - Sauna/solarium construction
    - Thermal and heating elements
    - Lighting technology
    - Ventilator engineering
    - Air-conditioning technology
    - Furnace construction
    - Polymer processing
    - Generator and transformer manufacturing

Product features

  • Fire behaviour:
    - Flame-retardant (IEC 60332-1-2)
    - Halogen-free (IEC 60754-1)
    - No corrosive gases (IEC 60754-2)
    - Low smoke density (IEC 61034-2)
    - Low toxicity (EN 50305)
  • Flame retardance rating (UL): FT2 (Horizontal flame test)
  • UV-resistant according to ISO 4892-2, method A, and ozone resistant acc. to EN 50396 resp. VDE 0473-396, method B
  • Resistant to a multitude of oils, alcohols, vegetable and animal fats and chemical substances

Norm references / Approvals

  • UL AWM Style 3644
  • UL File No. E63634
  • UL certification acc. CSA AWM standard CSA C22.2 No. 210-05: cUL AWM I A/B

Product Make-up

  • Fine-wire, tinned-copper conductor
  • Silicone-based insulation