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For use in the most extreme conditions

ÖLFLEX® HEAT 260 SC - PTFE single core, robust, chemical resistant and space-saving, for use in machine and plant construction at temperatures: -190°C to +260°C

  • Excellent chemical, thermal and
    electrical performance
  • Space and weight-saving
  • UL AWM Style 11486 (28-12 AWG)


  • Small outer diameters for maximum saving of space and weight
  • Resistant to contact with mostly all highly aggressive chemical media
  • Stress crack resistant to frequent ambient temperature fluctuations

Application range

  • For use in environments with very high operating temperatures, heavy usage of chemical agents or confined spaces
  • Typical fields of application
    - High-frequency engineering
    - Control cabinets with high heat
    - Measuring instruments
    - Furnaces and brickworks
    - Heating equipment and kitchen
    - Electric motor building
    - Installations in the chemical industry

Product features

  • Flame retardance rating (UL): FT2 (Horizontal flame test)
  • Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2 & CSA FT1
  • ÖLFLEX® HEAT 260 made of PTFE
    - Outstanding resistance against acids,
    alkalis, solvents, lacquers, petrol, oils and
    many other chemical media
    - Difficult to inflame
    - High dielectric strength and high abrasion
    - Low water absorption
    - Resistant to microbes
    - Adhesion-free insulation materials
    - Weather and ozone resistant
    - Hydrophobic and dirt-repellent
    - High elongation and tear resistance
    - Resists contact with liquid nitrogen
    - Resistant against hydraulic fluids
  • Silver plated copper is characterized by good surface conductivity (skin effect) and good solderability

Norm references / Approvals

  • 28-12 AWG: UL AWM Style 11486 according to UL 758 (File No E63634) & cRU AWM I A/B according to CSA C22.2 No 210 (File No E63634)

Product Make-up

  • Silver-plated AWG copper conductor
  • PTFE core insulation
  • PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene