Closely screened, doubly insulated PVC single core for fixed installation

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Closely screened, doubly insulated PVC single core for fixed installation

ÖLFLEX® STATIC CY BLACK - Screened, doubly insulated PVC single core with 0,6/1kV for vaious applications in EMC-sensitive environments

  • An alternative to single-core NYY with overall braiding used as EMC-relevant screening
  • EMC-compliant
  • Discontinued product - Will be substituted by ÖLFLEX® CHAIN 809 SC CY
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  • Cost-effective, double-insulated/sheathed single-core cable for fixed, unprotected installation indoors or outdoors, at most occasional flexing taking into account the higher minimum bending radii of 12.5 x cable outer diameter
  • High degree of screening enables a very good EMC performance
  • No additional protection such as a closed cable duct or protective conduit is required for installation

Application range

  • Very suitable for power circuits as an external connection or for the internal wirings in electric and electronic equipment
  • In dry or damp interiors with low mechanical stress conditions
  • Can be used indoors as a connecting cable to the inverter in the photovoltaic sector
  • Outdoor use is possible within the indicated operating temperature range

Product features

  • Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2
  • UV and weather-resistant according to ISO 4892-2
  • Oil-resistant according to DIN EN 50290-2-22 (TM54)

Product Make-up

  • Fine-wire strand made of bare copper wires
  • Core insulation: Based on PVC
  • Nonwoven wrapping/plastic foil
  • Tinned-copper braiding
  • Outer sheath: Based on PVC